Short and slim, standing about 6-1/2 foot tall.


Cleric Str:15+2 Dex:15+2 Con:15+2 Int:15+2 Wis:15+2 Cha:15+2

Atk:+3 HMDMG:1d8+2 LCDMG:1d8+2 Fort:+4 Ref:+1 Will:+4

AC:18 HP:50

Special:Turn Undead

SKILLS: knowledge(religon)+4 spot+4 listen+4

decipher script+4 concentration+4

FEATS: craft magic arms and armor, quicken spell,

craft wand


Spells: 0th/ 3 detect magic, 1 light, 1 read magic

1st/ 1 cure light wounds, 2 dooms

2nd/ 2 inflict moderate wounds

3rd/ 1 inflict serious wounds

Domain spells: Healing Domain- cast healing spells +1 level

1: cure light wounds 1d8+5

2: cure moderate wounds 2d8+6

3: cure serious wounds 3d8+6

4: cure serious wounds 4d8+6

5: cure light wounds mass 1d8+6


Beast Quest siriloran